Time for a new vet?

My my 16 week old puppy had diarrhea for 2 days, starting with an awful over night bout that was purely liquid every forty minutes and then some puking the following morning. His stool wasn't bloody, he wasn't dehydrated, and his puke looked like bile from an empty tummy.

I fasted him for 12 hours and started feeding small amounts of boiled chicken and rice. Day 2 his poop was beginning to firm up, it was poop shaped again anyway.

Called the vet because he had to go in for round 2 of his puppy shots. They said it was fine and to take him in anyway, so I did and they charged us $120 (fair amount really) for the visit, DHPPV (?) and Lepto shots, and a fecal float. they also dewormed him again. talked about the diarrhea with vet. -.- whatever, was rushed out to the desk to pay, so I had to ask about his fecal float was rudely told "We would have said something to you if you there was anything wrong"...

next morning, he's pooping blood, and they wont talk to me over the phone

Asked by Member 1166871 on Apr 24th 2013 Tagged puppy in Health & Wellness
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