This is not really a question, but don't know where to post...Please, vote for Harley for top dog of our region in CT!

My dog, Harley, won our town's round for top dog on the website "Patch". He has now moved on to the regional round, facing off against 7 other dogs from surrounding towns, all of which are so cute! Through social networking, friends and family, whomever gets the most votes moves onto the state wide round. Harley needs your help.

All you have to do is go to the following link: simsbury.patch.com

Next, either login to a current patch account or sign up with your email address in top right corner (you can opt out of emails)

Finally, (you may have to go back to the link) vote for your favorite dog in the comments section of the article. You can vote for whatever dog you would like, but Harley (dog #3) would LOVE it if you voted for him.

Thanks! WOOF!!

P.S. If someone knows where else I can post this please let me know

Asked by Harley on Jun 17th 2012 Tagged contests, topdog in News & Events
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