thinking of getting babe shaved- i've got questions!

okay, so i'm thinking of having babe shaved down for the summer, this will be my very first grooming experience and babe's too. so i've got 2 questions-

will her fur will grow back and look good, like it does now?

what is the style of shaving a golden?? like do they take the body hair off and leave the tail and head?

any info on having a golden retriever shaved is greatly appreciated!


Asked by Member 765056 on Apr 29th 2010 in Professional Grooming
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I have one question... WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT????
Shaving is not going to keep her cooler, in fact, she will be hotter since the sun will shine directly on her bare skin, she can end up with sunburn and the bugs will bite her as well. That coat is there for a purpose and that is to insulate and protect her skin from both cold and HOT!!! Dogs do not sweat thru their skin so shaving to expose that skin has no cooling affect like it does with humans, the only effect will be hotter skin.
Will it grow back and look good??? Hard to say. It will eventually grow back, usually in a year or so, but if any of her hair follicles are damaged by the clipper being too close or too hot, that hair will not grow back as nice and may be coarse and dry. Her undercoat will grow back first, so she will be a totally different color and texture until the guard hairs come back in.
Many dogs are actually embarassed after they are shaved... their entire attitude changes, not usually for the better.

Member 641257 answered on 4/29/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


When i was younger, I had a colie/ setter mix that i got him a hair cut. I did not shave him all the way down, I just trimmed it back . It grew back before winter and it was not a problem. I do agree you do not want to take it all the way down because of sun burn. I did nto do his head or his tail because he had such a nice tail. I have noticed at petsmart the groomers usually do not do the tail and head on dogs they shave down. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

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That is a great idea! Howard had a lot of hair, more than Princess probably did. Howard could not stand the heat, he was so warm in the 20 F weather (which was freezing). He loved to be out in the snow and out when it was freezing. When we got him shaved, he could not stand the cold weather and he only wanted the hot weather.

If she gets shaved, it'll cool her down.

Her fur will grow back just the way it is. Howard's hair will grow back just the same, too.

They can shave all the hair off of her. They did not shave Howard's head or tail. I think it would be the best if they did the same with Princess and not shave her head and tail.

Howard looked amazing after his shave down. He was so clean, too. He stays much cleaner without all that hair, too.

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When a dog has fur (like Most dogs), not hair (like poodles, bichons), it takes almost a full year to grow back a full coat. Which would mean a chilly winter next year for her.

If you think she needs to cool off, fill a kiddie pool for her - don't shave a Golden.

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I can see the pros and cons of this.

Jack gets a summer cut. He's not a purebred, so his fur is pretty unruly and he needs some "maintenance." He's much happier when his coat is short in hot weather. I try not to let it get too short so that he could be sunburned or suffer from the direct sun on his skin, as Chaz mentioned could be a problem. But after trying him au natural for so many summers, there was no comparison. He's truly a dog who is much more comfortable and healthier with a short cut in summer.

BUT the flip side is that not all dogs are like this. Your Golden has a super insulated coat and Chaz is right that it will keep her both warm and cool, to a certain extent.

Also, the texture of her hair may suffer if you have her cut too short.

Why not try brushing her daily during summer and see if this helps. Rather than cut her fur, making sure her coat is clean and functional can enhance it's natural insulation by keeping dead, shedded fur from sitting on her skin.

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Deogie has a lot of fur and NEVER would I ever think of shaving him. I irratates me when people look at me with this look of sadness and say, "oh your poor dog must be so hot" and my response is always the same, "if you knew ANYTHING about dogs you would KNOW his fur actually keeps him cooler." They always look at me like I'm crazy. Even my vet told me never shave Deogie.
Using common sense in the summer is what's important for any dog, long or short haired. Early morning or late outings, lots of water, a kiddie pool is always nice, we hose paws off before, during and after a walk, A/C and a fan on his bed is a must.
Deogie gets brushed daily and a good raking at his groomers every 2 weeks until he is done his heavy shed.

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Hurricane Jack

If you like petting your dogs nice soft fur I would strongly recommend that you do not shave her! It feels horrible and rough and takes soo long for it to get back to normal. Ive thought about shaving jack a time or two, but I take him swimming way too often and Goldens have guard hairs that water proofs them. Also having hair helps cool them off better than getting shaved because it does keep the sun off and it helps regulate body temp. BUT If you do decide to get her shaved, I would go with a lion cut (not teddy bear) It looks better on them, They still have hair on their head, neck and part of their chest, and they either leave the tail or cut it part of the way down.

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First poster, I see you have a poodle. Do you not have her shaved???

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Calamity Jane

I wouldn't shave her. Jane has a lot of fur too, but she's getting along fine. She seems to enjoy the heat a lot more than me. But, if you do shave Babe, do not have her shaved down to the skin. Without her fur to protect her from the sun, she'll burn.

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A double coat regulates your dogs body temperature by acting as a buffer between the ambient air, and her body, keeping her cooler when the air is warm, and warmer when the air is cool. Her body also grows more undercoat (insulation) in cold weather. When it warms in spring, she sheds her winter coat. However, if it is not brushed regularly, the undercoat doesn't fall away from her body, and makes her too warm. Air circulation is necessary for the coat to do it's job properly.

On a healthy dog the coat usually grows back fine within a season. I have seen it not grow back at all, in patches, when it has been shaved very short (a few mm) and very sad pet parents had wished a groomer had told them this might happen. Older dogs, and dogs with compromised immune systems may not have the ability to grow their coat back.

Discuss your options with a reputable groomer in your area. Most groomers offer a brushing service if time is a constraint, or you are not able to do it at home

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