The best way to keep my husky cool in the hot weather

I am just wondering what the best way to keep my husky cool for the hot weather is. Shaving him is not an option of course, but I am concerned about the summer. Apparently husky coats are insulated for self cooling but I wanted to know if there is anything extra I can do.

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Asked by Johnny on Apr 11th 2008 in Other Health & Wellness
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I wrote a pretty long article about summer heat safety on my blog -

Definitely do not shave your dog. His coat will protect him from the temperatures. A dog's coat allows air to be trapped between the layers of fur, which helps regulate body temperature.

Regular brushing is a must to make sure the coat is not dirty, matted or tangled, which can all interfere with the coat's ability to regulate body temperature.

Always provide fresh water. Having a little wading pool is great for dogs who like to play in water. You can also wet down the belly and inside of the back legs, as well as the chest area, for cooling.

If you are outside a lot, it's imperative that your dog is acclimatized to the warm weather. In other words, don't sit in the air conditioning at home all day until it's time for walks and play. He has to get used to the warm weather.

Abby answered on Apr 11th.

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Gray Dawn Treader

The best place for a dog in the summer (or anytime of the year actually) is inside, with air conditioning.
However, since he obviously can't stay inside the entire day since he needs exercise, you can supply him with plenty of extra water, do activities like swimming (if he likes to swim), make sure that he has lots of shade. Don't leave him out for a long time. If he starts to excessively pant, take him inside immediately. If, while panting, his tongue is shaped sort of like a bowl, then he's thirsty.

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Brush him, daily if needed. In May, I brushed Mia 3 times a day. The undercoat really needs to be removed if it's ready. Make sure he has shade and water if he wants to hang out outside for a while. My Huskies were never interested in the lake, but I have seen some in a wading pool. Walk him in the morning and in the evening, not in the midday sun when it's very hot. Try to keep him out of the full sun if he's blue-eyed. They get cataracts altogether too easily. Mia didn't have cataracts, but corneal dystrophy. Put a fan at floor level and see if he likes it. And don't worry too much. I saw a black and silver Sib laying on top of his dog house in Albuqueque in 106 degree temp. His choice - he had a nice canopy. Inquisitive animals, as you probably know.

Lily answered on 4/11/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I second the acclimatizing thing 100%. Dogs are pretty good at adjusting to their environments so while a husky might be a little less comfortable in the summer heat in California than, say, a Saluki who is "from" a hot desert climate, it shouldn't be to the point of not functioning!

We lived in New Orleans for a year and a half and my husky/shepherd mix and AmStaff did equally as well dealing with the heat for the most part. In the height of summer when it was 95 degrees with 95% humidity NO ONE was very happy!!!

The dog gear company Ruffwear has just come out with what I think is a pretty nifty thing -- the Swamp Cooler jacket! It doesn't look like Ruffwear has updated their website with the 2008 catalog items, but the Swamp Cooler is on some retailer websites -- -- check it out!

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I have seen cool collars out there. I think you freeze them and put them around you dog's neck. Keeps them cool.

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