Teething toys?

What type of toys are the best for a teething puppy,
Also what bones?

Asked by Indie on Feb 28th 2012 Tagged puppies, teething, toys, bones in Health & Safety
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Nylabone-Puppy Starter Kit is a good bone choice for your dog and it gets owner's approval. The bones are durable, safe, and long-lasting. Brooklyn still likes the same three from her teething period. They are not real bones but they are edible. Dogs really like them because they are packed with flavor. Owners like them because they are safer than sharp rawhide pieces which can get stuck in your puppy's airway or cut the intestines. Kongs also get great reviews. Brooklyn loves her Kong stuffed with peanut butter. But you have to make sure its thoroughly cleaned and sterilized when she/he is finished or bacteria can grow inside.

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What a cutie! If he is anything like my guy, at that age he had kongs..did not need stuffing, rope tugs, stuffless stuffies. I would freeze wash cloths for...soothes the gums. Be gentle/careful if you do play tug..those teeth will just pop right out. For bones, he got raw meaty knuckle bones. Raw chicken feet are also good. I personally avoid nylabones (just preference) & i recommend avoiding rawhide chews.

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Nylabone, Kong, Huck, Hurley, Busy Buddy, GoughNuts and Tire Biter are all good toys.

You can also make your own teething/chew toys for your puppy. Take a towel, tie it in a knot, wet it and freeze. Some people also dip the towel in chicken or beef broth and freeze to give it flavor.

Ice cubes are also great for teething. Some dogs like chewing on ice cubes while others don't care for them at all.

Raw meaty bones make excellent chews for dogs. I feed raw meaty bones and they have many health benefits too. Raw meaty bones whiten the teeth and freshen the breath as well! If you're interested in learning more about raw meaty bones, check out the Dogster Raw Food Diet forum -

Raw meaty bones are the best bones you can give to a dog and the safest. Do NOT give your dog cooked bones, stay away from cooked bones.

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To help your puppy through the teething stage, try some of these tips:

Provide your puppy with tough chew toys. Nylabone is a good brand as are Kong and Orbee.

Put your pup's chew toys in the freezer. The cold will help with his pain.

Give your pup ice cubes or frozen fruit like strawberries and apples.

Keep your puppy distracted with playtime and obedience training.

On days when the discomfort seems high, give your puppy some aspirin (20mg/10lb of baby aspirin).

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I have a nylabone that I bought for a puppy 10 years ago. It has gone through 4 puppies and even make it being hit by s lawn mower.

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