Teaching how to use a Tug-A-Jug. Even I'm having problems with it...

Got a tug a jug for my pup's dinner, as shes a fast eater (previously the slowest eater ever, my training went over a bit TOO well...). And I want her to have some fun and think too.

But this seems a bit tricky! Looks like you can either throw it all around until something comes out, or pull the rope when the bottle's tilted. But both seem VERY slow and slightly impractical. The rope doesn't easily go back in, so it just keeps getting pulled at its full length and it doesnt do anything, and my 35lber cant get her mouth in a position to be more aggressive with it.

How does YOUR dog do it, and did you ever lead a bit by example?

Asked by Member 903549 on Nov 22nd 2009 in Toys
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Zack has one too. For the first few times, I took the rope piece out, so it was super easy. Once he figured out that food really will come out of it (and which end the food comes from) I put the rope back in.

Zack pushes the rope partway into the bottle with his nose, or pushes the bottle around until the rope falls partway in. Then he holds the rope down, the bottle, with one paw, and pushes down on the neck of the bottle with his other paw, so the food comes out. Don't ask me how he figured it out, but he is super food motivated and will do ANYTHING for even the smallest crumb.

I've also seen him hold the rope with one paw and move the bottle around with his nose, so the wide end of the rope "pulls" the food out.

Zack answered on 11/22/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Hi there!

I'm so glad you asked - I just bought one for Rupert this afternoon, and he got really frustrated! I will try taking the rope out until he figures it out.

When Katie was four months old, her trainer gave her a tug-a-jug because she was so hyper and smart. The poor toy didn't last - she grabbed the rope and repeatedly tossed her head to hit the bottle against the concrete on the back patio. The plastic shattered, the kibble dumped out, and she was happy. We were pretty amused by it, but when the trainer came back the following week and saw the remnants we saved, she was shocked! She said, "But this toy is supposed to be unbreakable! And she's only a puppy!" She ended up writing to the manufacturer about their product.

So, when I saw the tug-a-jug at PetSmart today, I had a bit of nostalgia and decided to see how Rupert would deal with the challenge. I am going to show him how the rope can catch and pull out bits of kibble, to "help" him a bit. Thanks for asking!

Good luck!

Rupert answered on 11/22/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Pepper makes so much noise with the Tug-a-jug that it's annoying for both of us. She has emptied it a couple of times, without altering it. I prefer the Twist and Treat (Premier) or A-Maze-a-Ball (by JM pet company)

Confused - she ate slow, so you trained her to eat fast - now can't slow her down. WHY?

Pepper and Pam are speed eating champs. I feed them with a Ceramic muffin baking dish or egg holder. (Will post pictures on Pepper's page) By having 12 small wells to pick food out of it takes 2 1/2 minutes rather than 30 seconds for them to eat.

Pepper is 10 months and eats slowly out of her regular bowl!

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