Supplement with Raw diet

I have been looking at a few supplements to ad to my dogs raw diet.

The hard thing is each brand has like... 5 or more different supplements and they all do different things.

Is there any supplement that has everything in one?

Like B-naturals, wysong, solid gold ect

Should i get:

Greens (kelp ect)

Its like you have to by a different bottle for each thing.
That's why i thought of Wysongs call of The Wild, it has antioxidants, probiotics, and vitamins. BUT I think its way too heavy on calcium for my dogs that already eat bone every day.

My Puppy broke his leg, and I just want him to have that extra boost while he recovers.

EDIT: Thanks Dieta. I have fed my dogs a raw prey model for years, but with my poodles I just feel they are not getting all they need. They have tear staining, on and off loose stools(with occasional diarrhea) and can not tolerate any change in there diet (still not eating organs, get the runs from beef too)

Asked by Member 977139 on Jul 14th 2010 in Vitamin Supplements
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I use no supplements in the raw diet.
Solid gold is made by Diamond. Greens, kelp and veggies can set some dogs off with terrible dirrehea.
I would ask this in the raw forum here and see what everyone uses.
The body will take over and naturally heal his break. Check with the vet and the raw forum and decide what might be best for him. Hurry up and heal little one. hugs, Dieta

Dieta answered on Jul 14th.

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