Callie (Calliope)

Sudden onset aggression with 2 year old GSP

My 2 year old GSP has been going to day care since she was 6-7 months. She goes to two different day cares and has play dates with her litter mate as well as going to the dog park. Plus trips to pet stores and puppy kindergarten. We've done our best to socialize her as much as possible.

In the past 2 weeks, she's had 3 run ins at day care with new day care dogs. One of the employees suggested she was developing mothering skills as one of the more experienced day care dogs. But seemed to suggest that if becomes an issue we could have a problem. Today's incident was over a piece of lettuce that was dropped which neither dog really wanted. Callie doesn't get fed people food so that shouldn't be the issue.

Interestingly, at home in the past two months she has stopped all of her annoying puppy traits and has become the dog we wanted.

Not sure what could be causing the issues at day care.


Asked by Callie (Calliope) on Dec 12th 2012 in Aggression
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hello..sounds like shes becomeing an adult ..and their is alfa issues...she wants to be the leader at day care and their might be a dog there who thinks the same..this could be a problem.. or just like people some dogs just dont like other there one paticular dog at day care or is it a few dogs...this will tell you if she wants to be the alfa (the boss of all)...ask the dog day care people to watch for this...and good luck...

tessa answered on 12/13/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


It might not be a bad idea to have your dog checked by a veterinarian. I had similar circumstances with one of dogs and it turned out he had a thyroid problem. Also, your dog is probably reacting out of fear due to one thing that might have happened. This fear behavior may have to be unlearned through training.

Member 1145759 answered on 12/18/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer