Submissive to family, (verbally) agressive to everyone else.

Katie is one, we have had her since she was three months old. She is very submissive to the four of us who live in the house with her. When we come home she pees and wines and rolls over on her back. We try to be calm and have her sit until she is calm but she still pees. We take her out right when we come home but still our carpet gets hit. She does not like other people though. It is worse with older people, or someone with a hat or sunglasses on but she picks people she doesn't like and then she never likes them. It is worse when people come over to our house, but even if we are somewhere she has never been before she barks at people. She loves kids though. She never bites or tries to hurt the people she barks at, she runs away and then turns back around and barks at them again. We love her but its getting crazy!

Asked by Katie on Dec 30th 2010 Tagged people in Puppies
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She is not aggressive at all. That doesn't mean she will never bite.
An aggressive dog will go out of it's way to intentionally attack and cause harm. Aggressive dogs don't bark & run away from strangers.

She is very fearful of strangers which is common. The submissive, nervous peeing is all part of the fearful package.

Ask people to ignore her, not to look, speak or touch her. That alone will give her relief. You may notice she reacts less to some people (the ones that ignore her already) and more to others (the people that keep looking & trying to make friends, tall people & men).

Teach her to retreat to a safe quiet place when company comes. Crating her in a bedroom?
Or you can try counter conditioning by having you and your guests ignore her but toss a top value food her way for several minutes.

Pepper is the same way. At almost 2 she has become fine with strangers outside the home, but not in her house.

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