Stevie barks insainly at strangers that pass our yard.

We have a tiny open yard in a rowhouse complex and the sidewalk lines the yard. Everytime someone walks by Stevie barks crazy at them until they pass. If they come up to him he barks even more, until he hears them and SOMETIMES stops to let them pet him, but when they leave he runs after them barking like he was before. It is worse with children. He will not stop barking even when they come up to them and it gets worse as they get closer. I don't want him to bite a child so please what can I do. I did the leave it command, but his mind is so hyped up he doesn't hear a thing.

Asked by Stevie on May 24th 2010 Tagged barking, children, strangers, anxiety in Barking
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You might try a basic obediance class for him. These classes are very basic, relatively inexpensive and the are actually quite fun, for you and your dog.

It will teach him basic commands, and will help him get "in-tune" to your voice and commands. It also socializes them. It will train him to be still and not run when other dogs or people come near them.

So, if you are worried that Stevie might bite a child, then I would definately check into the obediance class. He is too cute to have to hide away from the world. :o)

Gidget answered on 5/25/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Unfortunely, the petting is a reward, like hey kid good job then he does it more.
I would not leave this fellow alone at all. This bad habit will get worse.
I have such a hard time walking one of our dogs because folks let this go on. And it causes problems for me because my dog is huge and strong and she hurts me when we encounter fence runners and fence fighters. This bad habit can turn into aggression quickly. You will need to have him on leash and train him off the habit. It will be hard work but can be done. consult a trainer to come over and give tips on how to get started. He is zoned out off leash, he won't hear you or doesn't care. sorry but I have one of these dogs and she is 90lbs. She is a work in progress but she is getting better. goodluck.

Dieta answered on 5/26/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer