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Spaying while in heat?

My friend had an appt. to spay her dog and she went into full heat the night before. She called and told the vet and they said it was okay to spay while in heat but that it would cost more. I told her I thought it was also a little more dangerous. any other opinions?

Asked by Ping (Rainbow Bridge) on Apr 17th 2009 Tagged spaying, heatcycle in Health & Wellness
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I was also under the impression that it is more dangerous to spay a dog while she's in heat; that being said, it is still done.

I got the following from

Answer: It's possible to spay a dog during estrus, or heat, but it's not the best time. Most veterinarians prefer not to spay a dog in estrus because the uterine tissue can be swollen, fragile, and more prone to damage. Dogs also have a tendency to bleed more when they're in heat. Because of this, estrus makes surgery more risky for dogs, as well as for cats.

Most veterinarians prefer to delay spaying a dog until she has been out of estrus for a month or so. And, since a recently spayed dog may still be attractive to males, performing the surgery during heat won't do anything to keep the neighbors' dogs out of your yard. The best thing for your dog's health is to keep her safe inside for now and to have your veterinarian perform surgery in a month or so.

Hope this helps!

Willow answered on Apr 17th.

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Many vets insist on putting it off. The conventional wisdom is that it is riskier. If you aren't prepared for it, there are risks to keeping a female in heat. She may not return alive after a creative, strenuous attempt to get loose. Never put anything past her or a male.

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