So a stray mutt gave birth to a litter yesterday just outside my home. There are no dog pound services here. HELP!

For one, I am new here and I am a dog lover NOT a dog owner, so I need help in taking care of these six pups. I have fed the mother milk and bread twice today, put a bowl of water too.. She seems approachable, but I have not touched the pups (I've heard some dogs kill their own offspring for weird reasons, so I am not taking any chances) .. It seems that the pups are healthy, they are moving around and whimpering all the time.

Since this is India, vet services are hard to find and are expensive. So any advice, suggestions, tips on how to take care of these cute little buggers would be awesome. Thank you so much.

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Asked by Member 1062666 on Oct 11th 2011 in Health & Safety
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The mother needs, protein meat, fish, food if available. Lots of fresh water. A place to feel safe and secure with average temperatures. Let her approach you, don't touch her pups unless she seems comfortable with it. I would want you to get bit. If she is alright with you touching the pups then touching them and talking to them will make them used to humans and not become wild. It Will make them easier to place in a home when they are old enough to be taken from their mother. At least 8 weeks old after they are weaned. Milk and is not really very good for grown dogs. The mother will instinctively take care of the pups unless she develops a medical problem they should get all their needs met by the mother. Watch for fleas and ticks. Parasites can harm the puppies. If you can get them to a vet to prevent disease and heart worm when they are older. Who knows maybe you can study up and become the local expert. Good luck.

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- The mother needs way more than milk and bread to eat and feed her pups. Buy her some high quality dog food and feed her that. A high quality dog food would be a dog food like Orijen, Solid Gold, Honest Kitchen, Holistic Selects, Primal Pet Food and Merrick. Newman's Own is also a good dog food, it's better than most dog foods. Provide her with plenty of dog food and plenty of water.

- Rabbits kill their offspring if the baby rabbits have been touched or if they scent that someone's been around their rabbit hole (the mommy will either not come back to rabbit hole or she will kill her offspring). I have never heard of a dog killing her offspring because a person touched her puppies.

- Can you bring the puppies in your house? It's not good for the mom or the puppies to stay outside all the time, especially if the puppies were just born yesterday. Please bring them in your house and give them shelter and a place where the mommy can feed them and take care of them. Leaving them outside all day, all night is a HUGE risk and you're leaving both the mom and puppies in serious danger.

- Go to the store and buy a large kiddie pool and some towels or blankets, place the kiddie pool in your house and place the towels/blankets in the kiddie pool. Place the mom in the kiddie pool and her babies, too. You can buy a large x-pen and place around the kiddie pool so that one, the mommy won't can't get out of the pen and two, it may make her feel more secured.

- I do NOT believe in vaccinating dogs, especially puppies, I give my dogs sovereign silver and colloidal silver (you can find this at a health food store), it kills any type of virus, infection, parasite and bacteria, it'll kill parvo and rabies too. I give my dogs silver every day and they are fine, they rarely get sick and when they do I give them larger amounts of silver and they are fine through out the rest of the day. Give this to the mom and the puppies. Another supplement I give them is Cedar Bear Anti-Parasite, this works AMAZING, within a few to a couple of days, they feel 100% better. Give the Cedar Bear to the mom.

- I do recommend taking the dogs to the vet just to see if they are healthy and to see if the mom is in good health, a checkup isn't going to be that much. Call the vet and ask them how much a checkup would be for a mom and it's puppies.

- At 6-8 weeks old the puppies can start eating mushy canned food and at 8 weeks old the puppies will be ready to eat hard food/mushy food and go to new homes.

Anyways, here's a site that can help you learn how to raise and take care of both the mom and the puppies -


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I suspect that some of the answers below might not really be helpful to a person in India! Feed mom plenty of healthy foods, esp. proteins. Cottage cheese, boiled eggs, meats, rice & beans = complete protein. It's perfectly alright to supplement with vegetables, a little fruit, & starches, kitchen scraps. Just not a lot of spices. If your grocery sells puppy food, add that too. If you can, coax her to accept some type of shelter & "nesting" material (cloth, paper, hay/straw). To make her & the pups feel more comfortable with you, sit as close to her as she will let you, as often & for as long as you can, every day. Talk to them quietly to get them used to your voice. See if they will approach you. This may take a little time, but she & pups will probably come to trust you. It's perfectly OK to touch the pups, as long as mom doesn't object. Very important: make sure mom is feeding, licking, cleaning pups, & that pups are pooping & peeing. Otherwise, they will die. I've raised 3 litters.

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