Since being spayed, my dog has started barking more than usual...?

She was spayed about 2 weeks ago, and has picked up the nasty habit of barking at people when she is in a vehicle. Although she looks scary and sounds dangerous, she doesn't act on the threat (she allowed a co-worker to pet her, even while barking). The problem is that we travel fairly frequently, and I don't know how to re-desensitize her to people walking by. She barks at everyone, including me and my fiance, but only when she is actually inside the vehicle. It's not something she's ever done before, and I know it's somehow related to being transported to the spay/neuter clinic, but I would like if anyone can offer help to make her stop. My mom's car has a bad headlight (manufacturing defect), and it wouldn't do for her to bark at a cop if we got pulled over for it, even though she is obviously restrained in the vehicle.

Asked by Ella on May 8th 2013 in Barking
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Most likely has nothing to do with being spayed but all to do with her age. She is beginning to mature and this is when issues like barking, becoming protective, etc., begin showing up.
The best way to control excessive barking is to teach her to bark on command, THEN, teach her to also stop on command. That way you can allow her to bark when it's wanted yet still stop excessive barking right away.

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