Sick Greyhound , chronic tummy problems. Ultrasound or Prednisone? Fallow Up.

To clarify I earlier question...
She is eating Lamb & Rice Nutro 1/2 dry 1/2 cup canned x3, as greyhounds have high energy needs. Still sick and losing weight & chronic diarrhea. After blood work & other meds and no luck, the vet thinks its really bad colitis or stomach cancer. She is in good spirits and seem to be felling well other wise. The vet wants to do an ultrasound to look for the cancer and/or put her on Prednisone for the colitis. We are slightly concerned about the cost ($400+), mostly the dependability of the ultrasound, will the find the cancer? Should we try the Prednisone 1st? Is Prednisone hard on dogs?
So, the guy that said it was the bad cheap store food... not true or helpful! And I guess treatment in LA cost a bit more. We have dropped over a grand trying to get our doggie better. Spear me the insults of bad food and cheap parents. Any one have some constructive advice? We are starting the chicken & rice diet tonight.

Asked by Member 737571 on Sep 16th 2008 Tagged health, food in Health & Wellness
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Maybe this will help since you don't believe me about quality of food. Everyday people are complaining about how sick Nutro is making their dogs. I'm not saying it to be mean but why do something that could hurt an already sick dog. Changing the food will be a huge improvement for your dog!

I work with rescues, foster parents and shelters. Nutro is seriously being linked to deaths, sickness and weight loss. Read the consumer reports. Why feed your dog crap?

I would take this very seriously if I were you.

PJ answered on 9/16/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I think Chicken and rice is perfect. I have been eating chicken and rice since I was a year old, I am now almost 15. I too have chronic tummy problems, not the diarrhea though. I am taking actigal, a gallbladder medicine to help my tummy. I was rushed to the emergency room and the doctor did an x-ray and saw a spot that he thought was cancer, but he needed a clearer view because an organ was blocking the spot. He did an ultrasound and found out that my stomach and completely twisted. So I believe the ultrasound should pick the cancer up, I hope that is not the case. Prednisone is hard to take, I can't take it because my liver enzymes are high. But my brother Harley can just fine. I wish you the best in luck and hope you feel better.

Precious answered on 9/16/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


An ultrasound should help find any lesions within the abdomen, but this is not always the case. It would be in your dog's best interest, however, diagnostically speaking. What you should consider is what you plan on doing after diagnosis. If you cannot afford chemo (if cancer is the case), maybe you should invest the money in long-term supportive care instead. Prednisone is considered the silver bullet but must be taken with caution. Long-term, high-dose of prednsione can cause other health concerns. You can start the prednisone and see if it helps, but beware that if you decide to pursue diagnostics later, the pred may interfere with results for a short time. A chicken and rice diet is a bland food to help with gastrointestinal problems.

I believe that commercial foods, like Science Diet, Royal Canin, Eukanuba, etc, are perfectly acceptable foods. Veterinarians care about the health of their pets and would never suggest a food they didn't trust for their own pets.

Nehbey answered on 10/2/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer