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Should I make my dog throw up if he just swallowed underwear?

Okay, so my dog just ate a pair of underwear. Again. He has done this before (on multiple occasions), though I've never caught him doing it. This time, my brother saw him with something, and when I got up to go see what it was, he'd already eaten it. I had left a pair of undies in the bathroom this morning when I got dressed, and was going to move them upstairs to my laundry basket (which is up high, out of his reach) before leaving for work, so he wouldn't get it. Evidently, I wasn't quick enough, and he gobbled up the undies.

Anyway, should I induce vomiting? I KNOW he has ingested it, and I hate just... waiting for him to throw it up. Every time he's eaten a pair of undies, he's thrown it up (which is usually how I find out he has eaten a pair), but I don't want this to be the time he doesn't, and I have just sit around and let it happen.

Should I make him throw it up, or should I just wait for him to spit it up later tonight?

Asked by Desmond CGC on May 19th 2010 Tagged ate, underwear, foreign, object, should, induce, vomit in Swallowing Foreign Objects
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Actually, I think you should do neither. He really should see a Vet. Swallowing underwear could lead to problems inside of his body. The Vet's will decide whether to force him to spit it up, leave it, or do something else to help remove it from his body. My dog, Buckeye, has eated a pair of undies before. We had know idea that he ate it until he pooed it out that night. It was rather disgusting, but we're just glad that it didn't get stuck in his body or caused something to happen. Please let the Vet check him. Better safe than sorry..

Buckeye answered on 5/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Oh no!

Well, first do not induce vomiting in any way.

No matter what anyone here tells you, it's not safe to do so when an object like this has been swallowed.

I agree with Brutus, it's vet time. It's so much better to be safe than sorry and blockages are one of those things that can go from bad to worse in a short period of time, even when the dog has swallowed items he's successfully brought up before in the past.

I KNOW you know it's dangerous for him to be eating these things. But you must find a way to lock stuff up and keep them out of reach from now on. I know it's tough! Jack has a sock fetish, though thankfully he never eats, just 'rearranges' them.

But the blunt truth is that socks, underwear and similar items can easily kill a dog if swallowed and you've been lucky with him so far.

Good luck, let us know if he vomits it or passes it or what the vet says!!!

Jack answered on 5/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer