Should I get my 12 year old shihtzu spayed?

She has mammary tumors, they arent dangerous, if anything theyre more like fatty bumps and they arent in her lungs or around her heart. Shes 12 years old, I dont think itd be a good idea to put her under because of the likelihood she could die. Shes healthy, she isnt in pain, doesnt have trouble breathing, eating, running, sleeping, nothing. Shes perfectly healthy aside from those lumps so is it really necessary? To put her through all of that?

Asked by Princess on Apr 24th 2013 Tagged spaying, tumors, health, old, healthy in Spaying & Neutering
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Yes and No, my dog Romeo has not been spayed. But he is recently wanting to mate. And if you have waited this long to spay your dog then probably no. Here is a few links for you

I hoped i helped!

Romeo answered on Apr 29th.

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