Should I get a second dog?

I was just wondering the pros and cons of getting two dogs. I already have a Boston Terrier who's just turned one. I would like to get a small to medium sized dog. Does anyone here have experiences with getting a second dog?

Asked by Member 1137965 on Oct 28th 2012 Tagged gettinganotherdog, twodogs, bostonterrier in Other Adoption & Rescue
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We have three dogs at the moment and have always had multiple dogs aapart from years ago when we just had one. Having two or more dogs is much easier and healhier. They are company for each other when you aren't there, they don't get bored, lonely or anxious. It doesn't matter what size your dogs are either, we had a Great Dane, Rottweiller and a Toy Poodle at the same time with no problems at all. If you do bring another dog into your home just be calm, act as though its the most normal thing in the world and your Boston Terrier will follow your lead, dont forget your dog will look to you for advice on how to react so calm and confident and your dog will be the same. Good luck and enjoy, Sue

Cable answered on 10/28/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

Harper Lee

I totally agree with the other poster. Having more than one dog is awesome. My hubby and I share custody of 3 dogs with his ex wife. We also have 1 full time dog. When the 3 dogs go home, my dog gets bummed out and bored. The house is too quiet. We count the days til they come back! Most shelters will let you bring your dog in to meet the new dog you want to adopt. As the other poster said, just act like it's no big deal and the dogs will usually follow your lead. One dog will probably be dominant. That's normal and ok. Let them work it out for themselves.

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