Should I crate train one puppy at night, when my current dog sleeps with me in the bed?

I have Abby who is one year four months. Abby was a night mare to crate train, and after working on seperation issues she can be crated just fine and sometimes goes in just for a nap on her own. Abby does'nt get locked in the crate at night, and never has. problem is, we're getting another lab in three weeks. I've made sure the breeder is familiarizing the pups with a crate, but should he be crate trained at night? The bedroom is puppy proof and I wouldnt mind him not being crated. Only problem is abby isnt. i'm not sure what to do.....

Asked by Abby on Jan 7th 2008 Tagged crate in Behavior & Training
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I would definitely crate train the new puppy, and I think it's wonderful that your (responsible!) breeder is starting this with your pup before you even got him.

As you've found out with Abby, crate training at a later age can be difficult. You will also find that crate training is very helpful - it protects your belongings and your puppy when you are not around to supervise, such as when you're at work or when you're sleeping. It also makes potty training a whole lot easier.

There's nothing wrong requiring one dog to sleep in a crate while the other is allowed loose, especially when you're bringing a new dog into the home. Crate training helps your puppy learn how your pack works, and it also gives him a "safe place" to go, now and for years to come - when you travel, for example.

Just note that he will not be able to hold it the whole night when you bring him home at only 2 months. He cannot hold it more than 3 hours at a time.

Abby answered on Jan 7th.

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Depends on how old the puppy will be, but if you want any hope of house training it, it will likely be necessary to crate train until you're confident the dog can be trusted outside of its crate unattended (such as when you are asleep)

Moxie answered on 1/7/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer


That's what we are doing. My older dog is 2 and she has free reign at night which means she sleeps on the bed or under it. We crate our 3 month old puppy at night, because he's not fully potty trained, he chews and for his own safety.
I think overall it helps them learn to that some things they just have to do, because you said so. I also didn't want to hurt my older dogs feelings by putting her in a crate along with him.

Ginger answered on 1/7/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer