should I build my dog a Kennel?

I was thinking of building my dog a kennel from scratch, and im wondering if anyone else built a dog house, to give some tips or design ideas i am fairly good at carpentry so let me know what you think.

Asked by Asta on Aug 5th 2010 in Carriers, Crates & Kennels
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I think thats a cool idea, I have never did that but here are some precautions: Don't leave anything loose (Such as screws, tools, etc) Make sure its the proper size, he should be able to stand up, turn around, sit, stretch, and lay down. Make sure its weather proof- (snow, rain can't get through) Make it cozy so the dog will like going in it, Put blankets, toys, even a few pillows would be nice, make sure he has acess to your house because it can over heat or something, hope I helped!

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The correct dog house should be as long as the dog is long,, from streched out head to butt. plus a little extra. Same with the width. Then there should be an exta 2 feet to make an entrance hall with an opening on the left at the end of the hall into the sleeping chamber. It should be insulated top to bottom and all sides. The roof should slope from front to rear and have an overhang in front. Cover inside and out with tempered masonite. Paint I/O with glossy enamel.
The edges should have a strip of angle iron to prevent chewing. DO NOT build one with a peaked roof and an opening on the end. That only gives shelter from the rain and only when there is no wind. Put a tar covering on the bottom and put the whole works up on cinder or cement blocks around the edge to prevent digging under the house. This is what I built in 1956 and it lasted until I moved, as it was too heavy to transfer to a new location. Well worth the effort. Heavy linoleum in the bottom is a good idea also.

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