Shipping Crates?

I'm getting a German Shepherd Puppy soon, and I am responsible for finding a crate to ship her in- she will be little but it would be cool to have one that will fit her when she's full grown. Either one- it has to be airline approved, and have something to hold food and water dishes.

Asked by Member 769709 on Oct 2nd 2010 Tagged shipping, crates, newpuppy, germanshepherds in Carriers, Crates & Kennels
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They won't ship her IF the crate is too big so getting one for her adult size won't work. I would check with the airline you are using... most of them have their own measurements that they require. You definitely want a plastic molded one... the wire ones are not safe for shipping, in fact, I think most of them are not airline approved.
I am surprised you need to provide the crate... most breeders I know purchase the crate themselves so they know its the right size and sturdy enough, then add that cost to the puppy buyers total. I have shipped a number of puppies as well as had some shipped in to me and in all cases the breeder provided the crate. As the breeder, I did charge the puppy buyer for it, and, as the buyer, I did pay for the crate that my puppy was shipped in. I would probably ask if the breeder would get one and bill you for it.
Good luck with your new baby!

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I know it's more practical - But I wouldn't ship a puppy at all - But that's my personal choice.

I agree with the previous poster about having a crate the correct size.

As for a crate for the house - the travel crate is kind of claustrophobic. A wire crate is more appropriate for home. You can get an adult size now and put a divider in it while your puppy grows.

This is a good quality crate:
Metal floor pan and divider options, double latch, one handed operation.

Pepper answered on 10/3/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


While working in petsmart this last week, a lady came running in with her dog and needed to buy a smaller crate because the airline would not let her have a large crate to ship her dog. So she had to buy a smaller crate and then hurry back to the airport and only had 45 minutes to do all this. yes it would be nice to have a large crate, but you may end up having to buy two anyway. Check with the airline to see what the rules are for crate size.

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check with whome ever is doing the shipping for their regulations. Make sure what/who ever you choose is safe and reliable. Ask for references and make the calls. Check with the better business bureau to see if there were ever issues with the business. Any questions about health and safety check with the veterinarian. Get all paperwork , make copies and keep the originals.

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