Seperation Anxiety/Kennel Training

I have the cutest 3.5 month old beagle puppy. He has severe seperation anxiety. When I leave the house he throws up,pees and poops everywhere and cries for hours and hours (I have it on tape). So I was told to crate train him. At night it works pretty decent he will cry for 5 minutes but then eventually go to sleep and wake up once sometimes twice when he has to go to the bathroom. However when I really need the kennel for when I leave he will bite the kennel knock over his water bowl cry and bark and howl and wont stop till i get home. I have tried a Kong or Treats or anything chewable he does not even touch it as soon as he notices I am gone he starts crying. HELP i dont know what to do anymore :(

Asked by Member 1123211 on Jul 29th 2012 Tagged seperationanxietykenneltraining in Separation Anxiety
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