Seal Merle Border Collies?

We have this 4 week puppy that we figure is a border collie puppy, but he is a very strange color. He is merle, with dark spots on a light coat color.

His dark spots are both chocolate and black. His base color is light brown with bits of silver mixed in. His noses is black and his eye rims are black.

At first, we figured red merle but his nose isn't red. Then we figured a dilute color, but his nose isn't diluted. We went back to the idea of being blue merle, but he has chocolate merle spots.

We have been searching the internet and the closest color we have come to him is Seal Merle. The only website I have found with photos of seal merle is .

I wish i could get pictures, but i havent been able to. As of right now, i would like to know if there is any other info/photos of seal merles, of any dog breed.

Asked by Angel on Mar 27th 2010 Tagged dog, bordercollie, color, unknown, merle, seal, blue, red, dilute in Border Collie
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I have a black seal boston. Or sometimes they are called a black brindle.
For your breed they can have a dark nose but still be a red merle.
In the gsd , the coat that is dark with reddish marbling is a black sable.
I think your color might be a dark red merle. Beautiful.
If you can't see the merle part then it might be the Tricolor Negro.
All truely nice coat colors. Excellent site for references.

Dieta answered on Mar 27th.

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