Scratching and scratching

I have a pomeranian that is constantly scratching. We keep flea med on her year round and I don't see any fleas on her just dander flakes. I get her groomed and when her fur is cut short she does not itch. Does anyone know what can be causing this ?

Asked by Squeeky on Feb 11th 2013 in Skin Problems
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For my dogs fleas aren't the only cause for itching could be because of allergies. I have rotty mixes and they get allergies during the late winter and spring due to the weather, pollen, grass seeds, bad reactions to ant bites (we have fire ants where I live), etc.

I give them Benadryl tablets when their allergies really bother them. It's dog safe and really clears up the problem, but be sure to call your vet for the correct dosage for your pomeranian. According to my vet its 1mg per pound, but for smaller dogs it tricky. You can also try an oatmeal shampoo bath (the puppy type is gentler than adult but just as affective. Safer for your particular problem) and let it stay on her coat for 10-20mins and scrub gently with your hands and rinse throughly 2x. wash or clean where ever she likes sleep the most also, that way if it's something on them that makes her itchy cleaning will get rid of it if there is anything.

Teddy answered on 2/11/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Last year my two Jack Russells kept scratching. I tried different brands of food but to no avail. I then wondered if it was the chlorine in the drinking water. So I filled a large bowl with tap water and left it on the side overnight for the chlorine to evaporate. I then poured this into their drinking bowl daily. Within days they stopped scratching. I now only give then this water. Also, I think chlorine is bad for the kidneys so I'm wondering if this will help prevent problems as they age.

Member 1147594 answered on 2/13/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Definitely sounds like environmental allergies. Is it worse this time of the year? Winter conditions can cause extreme dryness in some dogs. Spring & Fall are sometimes worse because of the pollen and debris floating around. Keeping her groomed will help, but for a daily treatment I recommend PETfection Deodorizer/Allergy Spray. It is 100% Organic, Non Toxic, and is amazing at helping with itchy spots/dry skin/dander/etc. I use it for everything! You can spray it all over her body and any area that is red or irritated from scratching or is dry and flaky. After you spray, massage it down into her fur. I find it to work really well! I hope this helps.

Petri answered on 2/15/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer