Scary sleeping disorder?

I have a wolfhound cross breed, we think. The couple we got him from told us he was a different cross breed that he looks nothing like, so the vet told us he's closest to wolfhound.He has arthritis in his right wrist for which we give glucose everyday. He's a year and a half old and I'm worried about his sleep. I know some of this stuff is normal, but when put all together worries me. Firstly, he sleeps with his eyes open where the pink is visible and the white of his eye, he can almost immediatly go into dream state and twitches and whines. We have bouts where his one leg starts pumping furiously and it wakes him and his bulbous glands are swollen. When his leg starts going its scary, we have to let it run it's course as we can't stop it, so we comfort him best we can, he wakes up and looks at his leg like, he's fine, but doesn't know whats going on. And then like I said, bulbous glands swollen. Should I worry?

Asked by Member 1153783 on Feb 5th 2013 Tagged sleep, twitching in Other Health & Wellness
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