Reposting; Almost 3 year old german shepherd lab mix; issues training her.

I have an almost 3 year old lab german shepherd mix who i have not been able to train. She constantly barks and whines, she is always taking things off the counter and out of our sink while we are gone. if she gets ahold of a blanket she suckles it. I don't know if she was weaned too early, or abused or neglected, i'm her 3rd owner and I know nothing about the 1st owner. I have tried training collars (and i'm giving it one more shot when i get her new one) Im just running out of ideas. We have a huge back yard and I have 3 other dogs in my house so i know she gets plenty of exercise but she is ALWAYS full of energy. no amount of play seems to wear her out. I'm lost with her. I trained my 10 month old bulldog boxer in a weekend but she's difficult.

Asked by Member 1156786 on Feb 24th 2013 in Other Behavior & Training
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Maybe you should try seeing a vet to make sure it isn't anything with the brain. For taking things off the counter while your gone you could try putting her in a large crate or play pen while your out with a bone to keep her busy. You could also try taking her to a training class and see if that could help. Good luck!

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No one trains any dog in a weekend so lets forget that. A big yard and other dogs don't necessarily equal exercise, try running or walking with her. Traing is a great way to bond with a dog, so try group lessons. Also learn about crate training. I'm not sure why a 3 year old dog would need a new collar, or what you mean by training collars. You don't mention how long you've had her or what you've tried. Is she spayed? Has she been checked by a vet? If you are really looking for help you should repost in Behavior and Training forum.

Sabi answered on 2/24/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer