Renting with a Service Dog

A few months ago my Dr. reccomended a service dog for my severe panic disorder. For many years I could not be in any sort of large public enviroment without having an attack. Peyton, my service dog has completely changed my life in the few short months I have had her. The only problem is I am a student and rent an apartment 9 months out of the year. The building has a "no pets" policy, but allowed for my roommate to keep her service dog after a Dr.'s note and a pet deposit. Our apartment is under contract per bedroom. So my roommate and I technically have seperate leases. I am worried that the complex will not believe that I also require a service dog and will refuse to allow both of us to keep our service dogs. My roommate and I live together because we take comfort in each other due to our similar health problems. But will my apartment complex believe this? Can they not allow Peyton to live with me because my roommate has a service dog already??

Thank you,
Anna & Peyton

Asked by Member 1000573 on Aug 14th 2010 Tagged servicedogs in Laws & Legislation
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If you legally have a trained service dog and it is trained to perform tasks required for you with your condition then it should not make any difference HOW MANY service dog teams there are living in the building. I am not totally positive, but I believe the law entitles you to live there with your service dog and your landlord is not allowed to charge a pet deposit either. Your best bet is to go over to the forums section and ask your question under the service and therapy dog section. There is a link at the top of this page to the forums section which will take you to that section. The law may or may not be different with an emotional support dog vs a service dog, I am not totally sure but someone in that forum can certainly help you with this issue.

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