recovery from emergency bladder/abdomenal surgery

I have an 8 year old westie, she was spayed 4 years ago but not properly and that resulted in difficiluties peeing and straining a lot. She had a surgery last night, removing the remaining threads and tissue growths that were blocking her urethra. She was under anesthesia twice in the last 2 days and she's doesn't seem to be taking it well. She woke up 6 hours after surgery (it's not been 15 hours after the surgery) and she still can't get up. She is vommiting some green/yellow stuff every 20 minutes and also has the same acidy discharge from her nose so she can't breathe normally. The vet didn't use the gas anesthesia but the injection one.Does anyone know what is the discharge and why she vomitts? Please help...

Asked by Member 629574 on May 5th 2008 in Spaying & Neutering
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