Reactions to Lepto Vaccination???

my 13 week old golden retriever/lab received his second set of immunization on saturday which included teh Lepto vaccine, and is having a pretty serious reaction. He is unable to walk and his hind legs are very stiff and lame. He has started moving around a little bit now but for teh past 24 hrs was soiling himself where he lay. we went to the vets this am and he had a slight fever, the vet said its a reaction to the Lepto part of the vaccine. I am wondering if anyone has had similar reactions to the vaccine.

Asked by Member 1004920 on Sep 20th 2010 in Vaccinations
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Reactions to lepto vaccines are quite common. In fact, literature suggests that they NOT be given to puppies at all until they are older than 6 months of age. I am surprised your vet included the lepto with his other vaccines. Our vet will not use lepto unless the owner specifically requests it and then it is given as a separate vaccine a few weeks AFTER the combo vaccine is given. While Lepto can be a serious disease, the risk of contacting it is usually quite low, and the vaccine only protects against a few of the known strains of Lepto. Also, this vaccine is only effective for 6 months, while the distemper portion of the vaccine is good for 3 years after the primary puppy ones. I would make very sure your vet has noted on his chart that he not be given these vaccines again and that you also remind them whenever he is vaccinated.

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I don't know about this but we got the Lepto, because it expired in the shot I had got last year so we just did the Lepto.
If the dog is lame and having paralysis, that is a reaction to the Lepto. This dog could even perhaps be allergic to the lepto or the other ingredients used to keep it vial.
I would let the vet know that you have a reaction and talk to them about it.
Lepto, if infected, will have paralysis and this will be what leads to death. We had a pony that contracted it from eating the infected grass in the pasture. It really crushed my children at the time. I would be very scared to ever let your dog get this vaccine again. but that's me.
The Lepto, parasite is carried by the Opposum. The animal poops in the grass then the parasites then lay on that grass waiting to be eaten by another animal. I would make sure you securely fence in your yard and prevent your dog from eating grass. I got two grass eaters, and it scares me at times.

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My wonderful "Twinkle" was vaccinated with Lepto on Tuesday. I was not given any warning that he might experience a reaction. He'd had lepto vaccines in the past with no side-effects. On Wednesday he was almost dead. It started with vomiting and quickly progressed to dehydration, refusal to eat, whimpering in pain and complete listlessness. I rushed him to the vet's where they told me they had changed manufacturers since last year and that they had had many similar reactions. I asked why they where still using it. My vet wasn't the decision maker in this large group veterinarian practice. Yes, the manufacturer will refund my recovery expenses, but how are they handling all the pain and risk my pet/member of the family endured - by continuing to sell it? I am outraged. And no, I will not expose my dog to this vaccine again after this ghastly experience. I am also changing to another more responsible veterinarian practice.

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