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re: question regarding to chihuhua grabbing neck of pups REVISED please read

Revised answer to the question why your chihuhua grabbing neck of her pups

1. PLEASE do not touch the pups because she is overprotective of her PRECIOUS PUPS, don't take the pups away from her while she uses her mouth to grab their necks, this is 100% normal SHE WILL NOT HARM THE PUPS but you grabbing the pups is a threat to her as she is GUARDING HER PUPS that means everything to her right now, normally she will take care of the pus and clean them, what you can do to help her is clean the whelping box 3x a day with baking soda and water and replace thew newspaper to make it clean, this is very important to keep the whelping box CLEAN and slowly let her know you are not stealing her pups when you may need to move them to the other end of the whelping box by talking to her calming, I'm not harming them, I'm just moving them for you they are safe with you over here, don't take the pups away from her! SO means DON'T TAKE pups from her MOUTH, WASH YOUR HANDS with soap before cleaning area

Asked by Member 1156308 on Feb 21st 2013 in Aggression
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