raw food dirreah

I have just started my GSD on a raw diet, he is now having dirreah just started 5 days ago but before that he was fine with only having one case of dirreah but now its more often than not.... My butcher grinds up (50% meat trim currently we are using bear trim and before that we were using buffalo trim, mixed at a ratio with 5% liver, heart, kidney) for a total of 55% of the meal then 45% is raw chicken thighs. he gets 16oz of the mix 55/45 in the morning and 16oz of the same mix 55/45 in the evening, I keep the meats frozen and de-thaw them the night before then keep the evening meal in the refrigerator, the dirreah is worrying me and I want to know if i am doing this correctly or not, if not, what do i need to change.

thanks levi bessette

Asked by Member 1119026 on Jul 4th 2012 Tagged raw, dirreah, chicken, bear, buffalo, bison, beef, poultry, bones, raw, sick in Raw Food
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I believe the ratios are a bit off. 80% meat 10% bone 5%liver and 5%secreting organs. I thought that heart counted as a muscle meat.. anyway it might be too much variety too fast. How long ago did you start? You should ask this on the Raw Food forum so there can be some back and forth dialogue. I am still a bit of a newbie myself.

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Gray Dawn Treader

Some diarrhea is to be expected when starting out, but I'd slow things down a bit and possibly take some more time on reading up on the diet.

It's best to start with one type of meat, chicken is usually recommended, and just feed that for a week or two. Add other types on one by one. Add organs in at some point.

Also, how much bone is he getting? Bone acts as fiber in a raw diet, and too little bone can result in runny poo. (Too much be result in constipation.)

Check out this thread for some good resources:

Gray Dawn Treader answered on 7/4/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer