Raw feeding plan/schedule. Simple please!!

Hey guy, got a question.. I have a 2 year old female Rottweiler that is about 52kg. She is on the smaller end of Rottweilers in body dimensions, so 52kg is very overweight. Have started noticing the effects of her being overweight, so the plan is to put her on a raw food diet. Now the question is does anyone have a EASY plan for feeding. Everything I find online is not very helpful. I am wanting to buy 2 weeks of food at a time. Do I freeze it? Have different meals per day? Do I feed the same 80:10:10 ratio per meal or is that more of a altogether intake(weekly,monthly)??

Please note. I live in Vietnam, I only have access to Beef, Chicken, Goat, and pork( would rather not feed her pork). Also please do not respond if you are against the raw food diet. The only "good" kibble here is Pedigree haha.
Any help is appreciated thank you!

Asked by Meili on Apr 17th 2013 Tagged rawfeeding, rottweiler in Food & Nutrition
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Ask this questions in the Dogster Raw Food Diet Forum (you will get more answers) -

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