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...filler. It seems to slow down their metabolism & they're not as hungry throughout the day. Yea? Nay?
4) I've given them venison and though they enjoy it, their bodies seem to not. To be expected b/c it's new? What bones should I give when feeding venison? I only have meat.
5) What is the consensus for supplements? I have been using NuVet and wow, it really seems to help their coat, but their health is more important.
6) If you're a local - please contact me through mail. I'm always looking to meet other owners with like minds.
7) Pork - where would I find this and what body parts are favorable?
8) My 80lb lab is in great shape, however, we live on a very steep slope. I'm worried this may be affecting him negatively. He's been tested for displasia, and yea, he's okay there. His tendency, however, is to lay on his back when sleeping and stretching all the time. Paranoia or legitimate concern?
9) Any additional thoughts, concerns, advice are appreciated.

Asked by Member 1080545 on Dec 29th 2011 Tagged pork, venison, deer, pig, filler, brownrice, barley, supplements, nuvet, kentucky in Food & Nutrition
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Bruno CGC

Again, a reminder this would be better in the Forums. :) Not to harp on you or anything though.

Some dogs like to lie on their back and stretch out. Our Lab and Aussie (Sampson and Maggie) both sleep this way frequently. Maggie I think does it because her coat is incredibly thick and dense and she gets too hot sleeping curled up. Sampson just does it because he can. :)

With venison (and other large animals) you can give any bones you want, but take them away if your dog starts trying to crunch through them. If they gnaw or nibble, it's fine. Large bones are not meant to be fully eaten, they're for recreational/teeth cleaning use.

Pork: actually cheap supermarket pork is fine. Shoulder is a good cheap cut, not too bony. Ethnic markets may have organs and more exotic cuts. Pig feet are great for gnawing on as well.

Anyway, out of space again, come over to the Forums for more advice/questions!

Bruno CGC answered on 12/29/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Gray Dawn Treader

4. Yes, loose stools can happen when introducing a new meat. How long have you been feeding raw? Introducing new proteins too fast can do it, too.
Rec (weightbearing) bones like the legs and femur can be good as long as you know your dog can handle them. Rec bones are not really consumable, so take them away when the meat on them is gone. Don't feed rec bones if your dog is an aggressive chewer. Ribs are good, too.

5. It's best not to use supplements unless you know something is missing. As long as you're feeding roughly the right amount of bones, organs, and meat (and veggies, if you feel dogs need them), you shouldn't need any.

7. I get mine at the grocery store. Pork tails are a good RMB, as are pork feet. A rack of ribs is good for larger dogs. (I just get the lower ribs for my dog since he's small.)

9. As a previous poster said, also try asking this in the raw forums. Most of the rawbies don't seem to check Answers.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on 12/29/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


4). They could possibly be allergic to venison or their digestive systems could possibly not handle venison. All dogs react differently to certain foods. However, I would take it slow with the venison and if this problem continues, it could just be that your dog is allergic or their body can't handle it, etc.

5). Great question! I give my dogs a variety of supplements everyday. I give DMG, vitamin C, Cedar Bear Anti-Parasite, Barlean's Flax Oil for Animals, Solid Gold Seameal, doggie greens, glucosamine, chondroitin, colloidal and sovereign silver, fish oil, curcumin and vitamin D. Dogs need supplements just like humans do, I take vitamins every day as well. Keep in mind that all supplements are used for something different.

6). Sorry, I'm not a local.

7). I'm not a pork feeder because of parasites. Pork carries A LOT of parasites. Pigs eat their poop and a lot of it that it becomes part of their meat. I wouldn't feed a lot of pork, it's OK to feed it every once in a while but I wouldn't feed it every day. Pork would be a rare meal for my dogs. However, to answer your question, dogs can have the head, ears, roast, legs, hocks, loin, blade, ribs. I think the whole pig can be fed including the organs.

8). * All information is from Vitamin Research News*

"Dr. Frank reported on his experiences in increasing the life expectancy of two dogs treated with RNA. One dog was a mongrel aged 14 years, the other was a 16 year old Chihuahua. Both dogs were nearly blind, with hair that was dry, brittle and scanty, and suffered from arthritis and "myocardial weakness." From their appearance their future life expectancy was estimated by a veterinarian to be months, at the most. Dr. Frank treated both dogs with RNA (8 gm daily for the younger dog, and 4 gm daily for the older dog), along with B complex and cod liver oil daily. The health in both dogs improved dramatically after one month, activity increased, and their coats became much softer and fuller. The younger dog died in an automobile accident at age 20, and the older dog succumbed at age 23 from an infestation of intestinal worms. Dr. Frank reported that both dogs were in excellent health immediately prior to these final episodes, and believed that their lives were definitely extended by the RNA therapy."

9). Look here for more information on the raw food diet -

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