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Rat Terriers in the ring?

I am very curious about where Rat Terriers stand in the show world. There is a standard for them on the AKC website, but is it correct that they can't be officially shown in AKC? What kennel clubs is the Rat Terrier showed in? Why does AKC have this terrier in a separate group(as well as other familiar breeds like the Karelian Bear Dog, Jindo, Cirneco dell'Etna, Catahoula Leopard dog, Treer Walking Coonhound, etc)?

Does anybody on Dogster own/breed/show purebred Rat terriers? I would love to hear some information on them as a breed, in regards to conformation/showing, breeding, etc. I always thought the name was a general tag for a terrier mix (you know, like how people call lots of bully mixes "pits"? I always thought "Rat Terrier" referred to a generally small/medium, usually tricolor terrier, not an actual breed. I was sorely mistaken, and am now very interested in learning more about them).

Asked by Desmond CGC on Sep 25th 2010 Tagged rat, terrier, show, akc, ckc, ukc, breed, conformation in Rat Terrier
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I think rat terriers are a cross out of fox terriers and chichauaha( spelled that wrong I am sure) Since it is a cross and they maybe didn't get the breed approved by a.k.c. that the breed remains one that can not be shown.
I will look this up. Usually wiki. has a example of why and or whats.

ok , i didn't read it but it gives the details.

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This is the Misc. Class from the AKC site. The Rat terrier and the other dogs, have not yet been fully recognised by the AKC and have therefore not been classified with their groups.

The Entlebucher was added to the Misc. class in Jan of 2010. I don't know the dates of the other breeds addition or when they are reclassified. At AKC's leisure I guess....

As for how Rat terrier's look, this is a site with odd color's, dilutes and mismarks.

This is a more typical Rat terrier:

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