Rabie Shots

How soon would the signs start showing if your having an alergic reaction to this shot? Our vet told us to look for face swelling (which there isn't any), a lump at the injection shot (which there isn't one) and diarrhea(which one of the pups started last night). They had their shots on Sunday morning about 9:00am. Last night late, one of the pups, we think its Athena started with diarrhea, she had three really runny stools. Since my husband introduced them to a new chew bone yesterday, I am not sure if it from that or the shot. I know if she or he still has the diarrhea this afternoon when we get home from work, we will most definately be taking them to the vet, but I am just not sure about the time frame for the reaction if they are to have one. I know I can call the vet, I just thought I would ask the question to people who have had to deal with it first to see if they have any other thoughts with regards to this situation. Thank you so much.

Asked by Athena on Apr 29th 2008 in Vaccinations
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