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Question about doggie dandruff & allergies! Help!

Hi everyone! My long haired dachshund was diagnosed last month with allergies after I noticed a thick amt of dandruff on his lower back along w/ 2 nickel sized bald spots in those areas. The vet checked him out and gave me a gel to put on him which I did for about a week and the area looked immediately better. I gave him a bath earlier in the month w/ an oatmeal doggie shampoo, applied his flea treatment on his neck and gave his heart worm pill. All was well...until today when I noticed the something again. Is there something I'm doing wrong? He eats Iams dry dog food and I read that eating dry all the time could cause it. The vet said there wasn't any parasites and he isn't lethargic at all. He is sensitive in that area when it has the flake buildup but once the area is cleaned he's fine and he isn't bothered when touched. Any advice would help! Can't afford vet...drs procedures of my own have me strapped til next month. I read about Benadryl but don't know. Some info scared me LOL!

Asked by Preston aka Pressie on Apr 24th 2013 in Allergies
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Allergies may be from food, pollen or contact with something indoors (like latex). The hot spots you mention (bald spots) are usually a contact allergen caused by pollen, and may be a seasonal problem.

Snickers gets a hot spot in the fall, don't know what triggers it, but it's very short term, so I don't worry.

Flaking skin may be food related. Iams is not a great food. Food allergies in dogs is usually protein related. Make note of what protein source is in the food and switch to a different source. ie: Chicken, chicken meal in Iams - switch to Taste of The Wild fish or lamb formula.
TOTW gets you away from filler grains also, like corn and wheat, which are sometimes allergy causing.
In some cases, a dog may be allergic to a preservative or ingredient that is in many dry foods. In this case, home cooking his food may be your only option.
You can add cod liver oil or salmon/fish oil to his food which may help heal dry flaky skin.
Hope you figure it out soon

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