Puppy WON'T sleep!!!!!! it's officially 1:20 in the morning, my boyfriend and I are EXHAUSTED and we don't know what to do. Our new puppy will not stay in his crate...he is whining and barking and we know that we are supposed to make him stay in there but we CAN'T because he lives in an apartment building and we can't let him wake the whole place up. We don't know what to do...he is so wound up and stressed out that he won't calm down long enough to even lay down.

He is four months old, and it is only his second night home. He did wonderfully last night but we don't know what to do with him tonight. We need a solution quickly, because we are completely out of ideas.

We've tried a radio, he's been in the room with us, we covered the kennel with a blanket, he's been playing ALL day so we know he's tired, and he just went outside, so it's not that either.

We need help - fast!!!!

Asked by Member 788918 on Jan 10th 2009 in Crate Training
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I know we prob. aren't going to be much help either but - do you have a rawhide stick or chew bone or something that may keep him busy in there? If you moved him in your room in his crate - and you tried the radio. Try calming down- just be real calm and lay down quietly and turn the lights down and concentrate on being calm. Maybe he will calm down too - and be quiet. Does he have a blanket inside to cuddle in? Maybe you could give him one of your worn shirts -something that has your smell on it and let him lay on that - sometimes that really helps.
Good Luck - You could always try letting him sleep with you - but if you are trying to crate train him - that isn't too good of an idea...

Tiberius answered on 1/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Ginger Smiles Primm

To crate or not to crate...We let our pups sleep with us. We ALL enjoy the long sleep and cuddles. Does it kill your sex life? YES! We were in an apaprtment for a year when we first got Ginger. We tried to crate her till we pulled up in the parking lot 1 night and could hear her SCREAMING all the way outside in a closed car. They say no free reign of the house till 1 year so maybe if you are at work or shopping you can crate and at night the pup can sleep with you? We wouldnt give up sleepy time all in the same bed for anything. If you have a Great Dane it might be a diff story.

Ginger Smiles Primm answered on 1/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Hey, don't put pup in crate without him associating that with something good.
Give him every single meal in that cage, when you do shut the door.
His cage must be always something positive.
He will understand hey I am really good and this cage is great cause everytime I go in it I get somethin yummy!!!!!
Also, when he comes out with out whining praise him and pet him. Let him know hey good job.
This puppy stage should pass. Pups get really stressed once gone from litter and mother.
Just feed feed in that cage even feed him in there and pet him in there. Walk out of the room and when he stops fussing walk right back in and feed him through the gate.

Dieta answered on 1/11/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


If you want him to be in a crate then you are going to have to make him be in there no matter how much he hates it at first. My dog was 7 weeks old when I got him and he wasn't a bit potty trained. When he was about 4 months old we decided to put him in a crate at night and when we left. He would freak out and jump and howl and bark, it sounded like someone was trying to kill him actually. It took about two weeks then finally he did ok in there. I don't know of an easy way to making them like there just takes time and bribing. make him happy when he gets in there. Then maybe apologies to your neighbors.

Bandit answered on 1/14/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My dog was the same for the first few weeks. I agree with the other postings, his crate should be a place of comfort, a den he loves. It takes some adjustment, because your puppy is scared and has no one to cuddle up to at night. He just wants to be with you. Condition him that the crate is good. Put treats in there, favorite toys that he only gets to play with when he's in the crate. If you see a toy that he is especially keen on, keep it away from him except when he goes into his crate at night. Give him a comfy pillow with your scent on it, so he can snuggle up to it. (a cheap one at first, b/c he will pee on it!) Let him sleep in there with the door open when you are up and soon he will stop crying. Getting a new puppy is great, but the first couple of weeks are stressful for you and him. Give it time, I promise it will get better and soon. And don't let him out of the cage when he cries or you will condition him to keep crying. Good Luck!!

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The truth is, crate training is not for every dog. But it's too early to tell with your pup. You need to go more slowly and give him several days of acclimating, spending a few minutes at a time, then letting him out. Put treats in there and leave the door open and let him go in and out. Try setting up a cozy area next to your bed. Set up the crate, but leave it open. Put blankets in and outside the crate next to the bed, along with some toys. Then tether your dog next to the bed so he can go in and out of the crate if he wants. You may find that if you let him choose and you make the crate a pleasant den, he will spend more and more time in it. Or you may find (as I have with my pup), that he just doesn't want to be in it and he's fine making his own little space outside a crate. Tethering him ensures that housetraining still goes smoothly since most puppies will not soil in that small of space, even if they are not enclosed. Especially if you take him out every couple of hours.

Koala answered on 1/17/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Its said that a ticking clock will settle them cause it sounds like their mothers beeting heart or classical music helps too. And a peice of clothing that smells like you this all helped with my sisters dog and her dog WHINED ALOT but it seemed to calm her quite a bit. Sometimes he just needs a friend. Good luck

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