puppy cries at night and wont let me sleep.

During the day Bella will play and sleep in her crate without any hesitation or crying. but once the night time come she will sleep from 9 to 12:30 and wake up crying I put her to potty on the pad but right after she wants to play not go back and sleep. when I place her back in the cage she will cry and howl for anywhere between 30 to 45 mins. Bella will then wake up around 3:50 and cry again this time she will not want to potty just play and drink water. She does this ever hour after that like 5:00 6:20 and 7:40 I am not getting sleep at night. During the day she will sleep a lot with 1 to 3 hours naps. I don't know what to do I need to stop her crying at night. If any has any advice will you please let me know thank you

Asked by Bella on Dec 31st 2012 in Puppies
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I answered your previous question, and the answer here is pretty much the same.
Your puppy is far too young at just 4 weeks old to have left her mother and her littermates. At this age she should be still sleeping with her littermates and getting comfort and security from her mother. Removing her from those experiences this early is only going to cause future problems with her socialization and mental development.
Puppies do not just get nourishment from their mothers, they learn all kinds of critically important behavioral skills, skills which we as humans cannot effectively teach them. By removing them from these experiences you are depriving her of all the basic living skills she needs to lead a normal life.
She should be returned to her mother and littermates until she is at least 8 weeks old, ideally, 10 to 12 weeks is more appropriate for a small breed dog such as her.

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Same with mac put a radio or a ticking clock to help relax Bella they think the clock is it's their mothers heart beat do not get up or scold her otherwise she'll think if I cry I'll get attention from mommy leave them in darkness it seems cruel but it helps save their favourite toy until bedtime so she has something to do instead of crying if bored take water off her at about 7:00 before a pee so she doesn't cry for a wee hope this helps :) Molly xx

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