Psycho Yorkie?! Need training advice ASAP!

My mom gave me her 8 year old Yorkie since she is traveling so much and can no longer care for her. She only knows the commands "sit" and "stay". I am sure since it is a new environment it will take time for her to adjust but I want to know if she ever will.

She begs at our feet when we eat and cook. She tries choking herself out on walks from pulling so hard. I bought a harness and this prevents choking but not pulling. I gave her a Busy Bone, she paced the house for over 2 hours with it in her mouth. I took it away when I noticed she bloodied her nose trying to "bury" it.

How do I get her to calm down on walks and not feel like her bone will be taken so she can actually enjoy it? How do I reverse my mom's lack of training after 8 years of her thinking she is the boss?

Please help.

Asked by Member 1194712 on Oct 16th 2013 Tagged anxiousbehavior, pacing, leashpulling, behaviorissues in Other Behavior & Training
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Pineapple Smushface

Wow, thanks for taking over with this neglected dog. I can tell my rescue was fed table scraps too and came from a house full of other dogs from an eviction because she sits under the table waiting for scraps to fall, and she eats everything in her bowl in one shot. I've only had her a little bit, so if she continues to gobble like a maniac, I will be looking into one of those portion pacer bowls, but I don't know if she'll be able to get the food out due to the shape of her head. Try a teenie or petite Greenie based on the poundage of your dog. The dog is more likely to eat it without burying. Then, I would enroll her in a puppy kindergarten or a new dog class near you. She could use the socialization with other dogs, and a gentle leader will stop the pulling. Thanks for taking this dog, and boo hiss to your mom for creating a Yorkinator!! ^_^

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