Protective and territorial barking. Aussie/Border Collie mix.

I moved to a ranch in July. There are 3 other houses. So there are people coming out of the houses at different times. While I'm taking care of 7 horses on the property Lily is loose and does fine until someone approachs. Then she starts barking and won't stop. I tried clicker training but it scares her. Having her on a leash is difficult since I'm working.
Any ideas?

Asked by Member 807208 on Nov 27th 2012 in Behavior & Training
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Unfortunately, both Aussies and border collies tend to be reactive and noisy. Depending on Lily's age, this could be a difficult thing to treat (the older she is and the longer she's been doing it, the harder it will be to change). There are a few approaches you could try. If you are able to tether her to you with a no-hands leash or similar set-up, she would be right there for you to correct her before she is fully in "barking mode". When she quiets, praise and treat. If this isn't an option, you may need to keep her inside until her training is further along. For clicker training, you can use a pen whose writing end goes in and out by pressing on the top. The sound is quieter than a training clicker. Try doing the No Free Lunch program, where she has to do something for you (usually people use Sit) before she gets anything she wants (attention, meals, toys, going for a walk, going outside, coming back inside, etc). You can also get her involved with agility, herding, etc.

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Obedience training can help in this case, since you said clicker training scares her.

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Good advice so far. I would work on a strong recall and reward the heck out of her for returning to you. Keep high value goodies on hand and cut her meals back so she is hungry enough to respond with the hope of food rewards.

Then reward her for NOT barking, while she watches.

You will have to tether her to you some of the time to manage her behavior.

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