Pros and Cons to Owning a Siberian Husky

I am wanting a larger dog when I move to a house. I already have a terrier X and a pembroke welsh corgi. I've done research on huskies and what not, but I want to know from actual husky owners how these dogs are as far as temperament, exercise requirements, grooming ...etc.

Asked by Bebop on Oct 16th 2008 in Breeds S-Z
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Huskies are great all around dogs. They do require a lot of exercise, as they are a working dog, and need to have a job. We had a husky who my husband used to take running and hiking, and he just loved to be outdoors. He was, however, very family oriented, and had to always be near us. They can be very protective dogs, yet generally they aren't aggressive. Our male was pretty protective, and once we introduced him to a human that we were okay with, he was fine. They do need to be brushed, and often, pretty much every day or so. This will help eliminate excess shedding in your home. Any type of brush that you can use that removes undercoat is a plus because that is where all of the shedding comes from. Please message me if you have other questions. Good luck with your new family member.

Sergeant answered on Oct 17th.

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Go into Dogster forums and post this question under Behavior and training. You'll be surprised how many responses you'll get there.

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