Proper way to deal with a stray dog?

For the past few weeks a female beagle has come up to the fence in our backyard(Btw, we live in the country), and for awhile, when she saw me coming she'd run into the woods behind the house or barn.
My dog Herman, and my sisters dog Violet don't really go a day without squeezing through a place in the fence and running around with her in the field.
After awhile she got used to seeing me, and doesn't run very far
when she does. Today I slowly made my way over(a 40 second walk took about 5-10 minutes) to the gate, where I unlocked it and waited, tossing little bits of sausage to her.
Eventually, she wondered inside and I quickly shut the gate. I talked to her and got close enough to see she's covered in ticks and to pet her. I gave her a large dish of food and water, and left her. I went back out and she had squeezed out somehow, and was barking for me to let her back in, but she still doesn't trust me to come close to her, what do I do? What is the safest option?

Asked by Herman on Jul 7th 2012 Tagged beagle in Other Adoption & Rescue
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* Penny Lane Adopted

I would try to get her into the fenced in area again and sit down and toss some more food toward her. Have a leash just laying the the grass, so that she can see it, and lure her towards it and as she calms down try to lasso her with the leash. I usually try to put strays in a crate and get a vet appointment for them. It sounds like she was dumped but I would file a found report with the local shelter just in case she did get loose from somewhere.

* Penny Lane Adopted answered on 7/8/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I don't think a leash is a good idea at this time she will be afraid of it, if you do this, it scares her,so she will not trust you. Get some people food I find this works best. Let her see and smell it let her in the fence. once in sit down somewhere, Throw it so it gets closer and closer to you when it a a few feet hold it in you hand so when she takes it from you she has to touch you, DON'T USE YOUR OTHER HAND. in siting it is less of a threat, when you touch her for that little time she can see you are not to harm her. Don't try to do this in a day. she has to learn to trust, The crate will also be a scare to her and if you scare her she will either take longer to trust or will not trust you ever. once she comes to you and am not afraid of you, you can try the leash, she will be afriad but don't put it on and think she will walk she will jump and cry so much you will think she is being hurt she is not she is thinking WHAT IS THIS just take your time
Good luck


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Bend down slowly (inside of the fenced in yard), throwing bits of food to her (easily throw), speak to her in a calm and soft voice to lure her inside of the fenced in yard.

Cover up ALL possible escape areas as you don't want her escaping again and running off and potentially put herself in danger.

If I were in the situation you were in, I would keep the dog. Always approach the dog in a soft and calm manner. Don't use high pitched voices as this could scare the dog, use a low, soft and calm voice when around her.

Do NOT take her to animal control or the shelter/pound. This is the last place you will want to take her because she'll more than likely get euthanized before she ever got a chance to live a good life. Some rescues will also take dogs to be euthanized if they don't think the dog is "adoptable" which can mean anything from a dog showing fear to a dog who has never been trained and doesn't have any manners. I've seen it happen many times with so called "good rescues".

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