Pooping and peeing anxiety

so i have a mutt who until we got him hadn't left his back yard. He gets nervous and pees when picked up. then in the car and bath tub he pooped. he runs away from anyone who comes near him. i have tried holding him petting him, talking to him(anything to calm him anything to trust me).he freaks out if you put a leash on him or annything. anytips for calming him or helping transitioning him would be great. we do have a kennel for him so he has a safe haven he can go too.

Asked by Member 1114230 on Jun 5th 2012 Tagged bath, anxiety, rescue, social in Bringing Your Pet Home
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How long have you had him? If you just got him it will take him a while to get used to and trust you. Until then don't try picking him up or holding him. First just try standing near him don't move or do anything that could be perceived as threatening. If you can stand very close to him and he is comfor table try petting. Not on top of his head but his back. Just go slow with him, let him warm up to you and only pick him up if he lets you and isn't anxious.

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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

I agree with the other poster. You can also feed him really yummy treats (something he would die for) to gain his trust. You have to be very patient. Let him come to you. It will take some time. You can also get the book "The Cautious Canine". It's a very thin book, but packed with tips. Once he learns to trust you, his accidents will probably stop. Good Luck! It sound like he got a good home. :)

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Bruno CGC

He's not just anxious, he's downright terrified. Loss of bowel control is pretty much a last-ditch fear response- think of the phrase "scared sh*tless" as an example.

I would guess that he has had little or no human contact his whole life so far, so doing things that would be soothing to a normal dog (talking to him, petting him, etc) are going to scare him even more, since he doesn't associate humans with positive emotions at all.

Here's a great link to a site about taming feral dogs- dogs that have had no human contact and are basically terrified of being handled by people.

You might also look up "puppymill rescue" because a lot of the dogs pulled from those situations are also essentially feral and unhandled too, so their rescuers have their own taming/socializing protocols (similar to the one I linked.)

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