Poodle size: Toy VS min

Hi everyone. I'm looking to get a small poodle because my new job has me living away from my boyfriend and family, therefore if I want to take my dog with me he will need to be able to fit under a plane seat.

I would prefer a dog a little on the larger side ( MY last dog was a kerry blue)- but Im afraid the minature will be too big to fit under a airplane seat. Can someone help me out with the average size (not weight) of the toy VS the minature. Any difference in yippiness between the two as well?

thanks so much!

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A toy is any size up to and including 10 inches. Mini's are over 10 inches and up to and including 15 inches. Standard is over 15 inches.
Remember, you will need to find a breeder who is definitely breeding to the standard as most toys we have come in here for grooming are actually minis and are well over 10 inches.
BTW, all measurements are taken at the whithers which is the highest point of the shoulder.
AS for being yappy...LOTS of that is training...people tend to think it's really cute that a small dog can make that much noise when they are babies and therefore encourage it. And, again, making sure you go to a responsible, reputable breeder will help ensure that you get a puppy with a good temperament.
I have five toy poodles living here and not one of them is barky or yappy. They are trained to stop once I have made notice of what they are barking at, ie a car in the driveway or a person walking by.
They are also trained to go to their bed quietly when the door bell ri

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The only difference is health. Sometimes very small dogs have low blood sugar so they have to each or they might die. Just make sure that you treat it like a dog and not like a human otherwise it will become aggressive.

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Kiara Crystelle

Poodles are categorized by height, and measured from the foot to the highest point of the shoulder.

Toys are ten inches or less. Miniatures are 11-15 inches tall.

A crate on a plan has to be big enough for the Poodle to stand, turn, and sit up, without it's head or hair touching the roof or walls of the crate. I doubt a miniature would fit, considering how big the crates have to be.

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