Poodle Promises

I've loved Standard Poodles for a very long time, admiring their intelligence, grace, and looks. I love that they are good with small children, as I have a 4 year old brother, and also like that they are good with other dogs because I have a little dog. I really would like to have one of my own, but the problem is my mom doesn't like that idea. I think the problem is that she thinks I'll grow bored of her, and won't feed her, leaving my mom to do all of the work. I already feed my 8 yr old dog, pick up her poo, and pet her till my hands both go numb! Why does she think I won't do that with another. I've told her I'll treat them both the same, if one of them goes for a walk, so does the other. If one goes to the kennel when we go away, so does the other(seems mean but my mom and I think it's cruel to take them on a plane). Nothing works. Someone help please? I've tried EVERYTHING!

Asked by Molly on Aug 24th 2012 Tagged help, mom, stubborn, standardpoodle, molly, walk, kennel in Standard Poodle
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Bruno CGC

Honestly, I think your Poodle dream should wait until you're an adult and have control of your own life. Like it or not, when you're a minor and living with your parents, it's their house, their rules. Do you pay for your dog's food, vet bills, grooming, etc? Probably not. Poodles are cool dogs, but they are EXPENSIVE and high-maintenance. A Poodle groom often costs over 100 dollars, and you have to do it every 6-10 weeks (and if you do it yourself... grooming supplies aren't cheap either!). Your mom might be putting her foot down because of the cost of adding another dog.

Poodles are also very long-lived and it's likely it would still be alive when you grow up and go off to college. Being a young adult with a dog makes everything harder- finding housing, finding time to walk it (with school and work and friends). Many young people abandon "their" dogs with their family instead, which is why I don't think most teens should get their own dog.

Bruno CGC answered on 8/24/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer