Please Help. Why is my dog acting strange?

She's a 3 year old beagle/sharpei 2 feet high.

Noticable change in behavior- When we comes back from a walk, she runs to my parents room and starts clawing the carpet in 2 spots. But for 3 years she would always go straight to the kitchen for her water after walks. She doesn't tear the carpet, but claws at the spots by the bed. We found nothing there. She used to claw there before but not excessively like now,

She won't sleep on the couch in the livingroom which she's usually does, it's her couch. Now she sleeps with my parents in their room and has been using a toy as sort of a security blanket carrying it with her around often which she never did with any toy.

When it started she would shake when i removed the toy from her mouth. She's also starting to whine often.

She pees normally but I noticed her poop was a smaller amount than usual today. I can still pet her body without a problem and her tail is still usually up. She'll eat normally too. We have not seen a vet about this

Asked by Member 928216 on Dec 7th 2009 Tagged beaglesharpeidogisscarednervousactingweirdorfunnyoddbehaviors in Other Health & Wellness
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Two possibilities:
The most likely is a "phantom" pregnancy. which can happen in spayed or unspayed female dogs. It is more common if the dog is spayed late.

Another possibility is a change in the family, like an illness. Sometimes dogs are aware of a change in body chemistry and it's implications. I know Snickers was aware Candy was sick before we were.
Hope you sort it out.

Snickers answered on Dec 7th.

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Is she spayed?? If not, I would suggest she is having a false pregnancy. Good news, spaying her will prevent it from happening again!!!!

B.J., CGC answered on 12/7/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


false and phantom pregnancy could be a reason.(( but does not sound like it ))
Or the spots are becoming an obsessive thing. Shut the bedroom doors and find the dog a new inside hobby.
they have dog brain games on line at
Or you can use three plastic cups place a piece of chicken under one and shuffle them around, tell the dog to seek, or find. When he finds it by tipping over the cup praise him, pet him or give him more food/or toy.

Interaction with him More will decrease his need to entertaining himself stratching the carpet and upsetting your parents.

Also buy a crate, when you have to leave or can't watch him he goes into the crate.

This will also add to the cutting out of obsessive behaviors and naughty ones cause of boredom and obessive actions.
good luck

Dieta answered on 12/8/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer