Please help. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Just like the previous question my dog, casper the chihuahua, had been throwing , but I just finished bringing him home from vet after a two day stay there. They did a complete blood count test and it came back with an small elevated white and red blood cell count and he was dehydrated some. He got IV's and was prescribed two medications for infection and another for nausea along with a special canned diet. I asked the vet tech when he prescribed the meds, what do I do if he continues throwing up. He was a very nice guy and replied, "oh this is good stuff. He shouldn't throw up while on it." Well unfortunately, casper has thrown up the three times in the ten hours I've brought him home. I doing know whether to take him back, take him to another vet, or wait and see how he's doing on his medication. I'm desperate.I just spent 800 on a vet bill and can't afford to much more. don't get me wrong, I'd take out a loan to make sure my pup is okay but any advice would be great.

Asked by Casper on Mar 1st 2013 Tagged throwingup in Health & Wellness
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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

First, I would post this on the health forum on this site. There are more people there to give advice. They can answer back and forth, which we can't do here on the answer page. Second, I would take him to another vet. I changed vets 3x before I found one I liked, because Kali has on going health issues. Please give more information. How old is Casper? Exactly what tests were done on him? Did they do an xray? What food are you feeding him? Treats? And explain anything else that the vet did would be helpful. Good Luck!

Kali earned her wings 10/21/14 answered on Mar 1st.

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I would certainly go back to the same vet...otherwise you will likely end up having to have the same testing done all over again and spend twice as much.
IF something your vet OR your own Doctor gives you does not work you need to contact them immediately so they can try something else or go the next step in the testing.
Good luck!!

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