PLEASE HELP!!! 3 mo old Boston with sensitive stomach and diarrhea :(

I really need some help!!!
I have a three month old boston terrier. The breeder was feeding him purina puppy chow. We transitioned him to Acana small breed puppy. He had runny poop for two weeks, then we took him to the vet and had full spectrum stool test. The test came back negative.
The vet out him on 10 days of metronidazole and royal canin high energy gastero sensitive wet food.
Things got better....
Then we switched him slowly to blue buffalo lamb and oatmeal puppy food.
He has now been on BB on its own for 3 days.
He has a big normal poop in the morning, although some mornings I find that he has had diarrhea and or vomited and eaten all of it in his crate before I can get to him....
His stools degrade throughout the day until the evening when his poops are totally runny....
We only treat him. With his own food as we are scared to introduce anything else.
I'm at a total loss....I don't know what to feed him to make him feel better.
I really hope you can help me!

Asked by Member 1209563 on Jan 14th 2014 Tagged boston, sensitive, stomach, diarrhea, runnypoop, puppyfood in Pet Food
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