Phobia about trimming dog nails.

I am a very loving pet owner - she is also my service animal. I take care of all of her medical needs, even get her vaccinated for the oddest threats that our vet has talked us into vaccinating her for. But. There is one area I am very scared to touch or allow others to touch and I am afraid my dog has had to deal with my own phobia.
Her nails are very long (being a beagle, that is common.) but they have gotten so long due to a phobia I have about anyone trimming her nails. We had a dog once who got injured and cried something awful when getting his nails done, and I have never forgotten the cries and yelps and the burning smell of the sulfa the vet (we don't use him anymore) used to seal his bleeding paws. So now I sit here with my beagle that I love very much but I am so scared the same will happen to her. I am very overprotective of her. I would not let a flea get on her head, but her nails? Is there a way I can feel confident and trim her nails safely and pain free?

Asked by Member 997123 on Jul 19th 2010 in Other Grooming
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I have a German Shep. that is a baby about her nails. We usually take her to either the vet or a local grooming place to get her nails trimmed. The people there have clipped way more nails than me so they have more experince we also try to avoid taking her on weekends when its really busy.

The way we handle it when shes getting her nails clipped and shes freaking out we just pet her talk to her sweetly and when its over praise her and give her a treat.

You might wanna invest in a nail grinder. That way you can grind the tips down of the nails and not have to get them trimmed as often. A grinder isn't a cure but it can help. Walking is also a good way to keep them down. When you walk her on concrete like the road or sidewalk it gradually files down her nails and it keeps the point down. If your not confident I would get someone to do it for you. That way you don't clip too little or too much. Good luck

Madison answered on 7/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Shiver Me Timbers

Think about it this way, if her claws get long enough, they will cause her pain. If someone accidentally clips her claws too short, it's a pain that will go away and the bleeding can be stopped. If you allow her nails to get too long, they will cause her severe pain to walk on her paws. I used to work in a groom shop and the amount of dogs that came in with claws that were so long they were curling under their toes was more painful for the dog than to get their claws trimmed down. If you don't have the confidence to do it, you'll be nervous and thus, make your dog nervous too. Go to a groomshop and ask if you can observe them clipping claws, find someone you're more comfortable with than not. She clearly needs her claws clipped and it won't help her any if you don't get it done, if not by you, than by someone else. If they're not too long, you could even start off by just trimming the very tips bit by bit if she's cooperative and you take the time for it.

Shiver Me Timbers "Charlie" answered on 7/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I too am overprotective with my dog. I trim Sailor's nails. If you have a phobia of this & cannot get over it I do not suggest that you do it yourself. If you are scared, anxious, etc. Your dog is aware of it. Dogs are aware when the owner is happy, mad, calm, anxious, etc. Your anxiety will increase your dogs anxiety. I have educated myself on how to trim. You need to be able to locate the quick before you trim the nail. I have trimmed my dogs nails so many times it is routine for him. When he is lying on the floor I calmly approach him. Trimming takes 5 mins. He doesn't even lift his head while I trim b/c he trusts me, knows I am not anxious, knows I am not going to hurt him. My dog would be more anxious if someone else did it besides me. Why? Dogs trust the owner most. My suggestion is have your vet trim them, you assist. While you assist have your vet teach you. Trim a couple with the vet. You will gain confidence when you know what your doing is the proper way to do it. Good Luck!

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