Personal opinions, I will also ask a vet: Should I spay my female APT mix before or shortly after her first heat?

I would also be interested in personal experience in this. I've heard some of the more protective breeds (Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, etc) of dogs develop maternal aggressive if they're spayed after they're allowed to have a heat cycle. I do plan on asking a vet for a medical opinion. I know that in cats, spaying during a heat cycle can confuse their hormones, and I'm doubtful that dogs would be much different. I know that their risk of ovarian and uterine cancers raise with every heat cycle they're allowed to have, but I wasn't sure if she should have her first one and take her in shortly after.

Asked by Ella on Sep 13th 2012 in Pregnancy
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I LOVE your question I keep rotties, pit-bulls now as part of a rescue groups locally. I grew up with german shepherds and the family pet currently is an english mastiff (we recently lost our families rottie) If you do not plan on breeding the dog it is always best do the spay before the heat cylces as the organs the vet will remove start to turn mushy(during a heat) and scar (babies) which may or may not add a cost to the spay. The vet will ask you if you are going to spay/neuter your dog no matter what breed of k9.
My last female rottie family pet was not spayed until she was over 5 years old when I adopted her and I did not 1 time experiance the protective maternal aggressivness and at the time at home I had a 3 humans under 14 years old

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Gray Dawn Treader

For the larger breeds I'd wait until they are a year or two old so that they get to finish growing properly first.

Most likely the vet will tell you to get it done at 6 months, the reason being there won't be any chance of her having puppies that way.

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