Over-protective 4-year old gooldendoodle

I have 4 dogs. A 6 y/o male lab/hound mix, 4 y/o male goldendoodle, 2 y/o male basset, and 9 y/o female beagle. All but the basset are pretty dominant. We brought the beagle in after her owners had a baby, and decided they didn't want a dog.

Lately, the goldendoodle has become OVERLY protective over my girlfriend (his owner). If the beagle comes to get pet, he will growl, show teeth, and has even tried to bite her. He gets along great with her 99% of the time, but if she tries to get into Beth's lap (his owner) he starts growling. He was recently neutered and we are hoping that will help some, but hes a big dog, weighing at 100 lbs, he can do some damage to that little 15 lb beagle if he wanted to.

The lab/hound and goldendoodle have gotten into it a few times over food and the lab/hounds ear was knicked during the fight.

Its also strange that these behaviors happen more towards the end of the night. Any suggestions or solutions will be helpful. Hes our baby :(

Asked by Member 1127830 on Aug 27th 2012 Tagged overprotective, goldendoodle, goldendoodle, protective, aggressive, help in Aggression
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